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Montgomery County Public Intern Project

The Montgomery County Public Intern Project (MCPIP) was established in 2007 to create flexible and customized work opportunities in County agencies and departments for individuals with disabilities. All County departments have had the opportunity to work with a customized employment career specialist from TransCen to identify tasks and create part-time positions based on the department’s need. Our staff recruits and pre-screens potential candidates and works with County HR and medical departments to prepare the candidate to start work if the individual is a good fit. Initial on-site job coaching is provided by our staff and job coach training is offered to all those employees interested in supporting a candidate in the MCPIP. To date, over 85 individuals with disabilities have benefited from County employment through their participation in the program. A number of individuals have gone on to obtain County merit positions or other permanent employment opportunities.

The success of the Public Intern Project has been a catalyst for Montgomery County Government to enhance the County’s disability initiatives. With TransCen’s assistance and other county advocates, the county has established a disability hiring preference and a Non-Competitive Hiring Initiative. MCPIP continues to be a model for best practices, leading and inspiring other jurisdictions locally, nationally, and internationally by its example. Montgomery County was honored for the program in 2009 by the National Association of Counties and received an Achievement Award for MCPIP.

For more information, please contact Rachel Hoyles at rhoyles@transcen.org.