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Exploring Self Determination: Part 1

This presentation will offer implementation strategies for practitioners, families, and youth with disabilities to build the foundational self-determination skills needed at home, at work, and in the classroom to ensure a positive postschool outcome.


Exploring Self Determination: Part 2

This session explores the application of Self-Determination Theory through tools and instructional strategies that promote self-determined behaviors at home, on the job, and in the classroom. Participants will discuss the key environmental variables that must be present in each setting, strategies to increase self-determined behavior, and common barriers students with disabilities face during their K-12 experience. Resources will be shared so practitioners can begin implementation immediately.


ADA Advocacy in the Post-ADA World

This webinar chronicles the on-going advocacy efforts of the Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living and North Central Pennsylvania ADAPT as they worked with the City of Williamsport, Pennsylvania to provide access for people with disabilities to the city government's buildings, programs, and services (ADA Title II.)