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Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Applicant with a Disability

Hiring a qualified worker with a disability makes good business sense. Employers tell us that these attributes have sold them on employing a qualified worker with a disability.

  1. Dependability and Flexibility
    Studies have shown that employees with disabilities have lower rates of absenteeism and will often “step up to the plate” to take on new tasks, assist co-workers, or fill in when needed.
  2. Employee Engagement
    Employers report that hiring employees with disabilities contributes to improved morale and productivity. 80% of employers state employees with disabilities are as productive as any other employee.
  3. Customer Loyalty
    Research shows that employing people with disabilities taps into a growing market of customers with disabilities, $220 billion in discretionary spending each year. Further, 92% of consumers reflect favorably on businesses known to hire people with disabilities, with 87% preferring to do business with these companies.
  4. Performance
    Research shows no job performance difference between employees with disabilities and their non-disabled colleagues. Employers report that employees with disabilities motivate coworkers, leading to increased productivity.
  5. Tax Incentives
    Businesses may be eligible for tax incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit,
    Disabled Access Credit, and Architectural/Transportation Barrier Removal Tax Deduction.
  6. Return on Investment
    Studies have concluded that for each dollar spent on reasonable accommodations, businesses gain $10-$35 in benefits.
  7. Increased Profits
    Many employers who have hired workers with disabilities have seen a positive impact on their bottom line. Diverse work groups can create better solutions to business challenges.
  8. Untapped Labor Pool
    Employees with disabilities can ease concerns about labor shortages. Employees with disabilities often show up with a positive, can-do attitude and take great pride in their work.
  9. Job Retention
    Many workers with disabilities demonstrate a high degree of loyalty, often remaining with their employers for years, reducing turnover and adding stability to the workforce.
  10. Everyone Benefits!
    When we shift the focus to an employee’s ability, everyone benefits, from management to front line workers to customers!

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