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Employer Engagement Webinar Series

Everyone Wins! Engaging Employers to Hire People with Disabilities. Free of Charge Webinar Series

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people whose work involves employment of people with disabilities are working remotely – this is a great time to brush up on your skills and knowledge!  To that end, TransCen, Inc., a leader in providing training and technical assistance to disability employment professionals, is offering our three part series, Everyone Wins! Engaging Employers to Hire People with Disabilities, originally broadcast in 2019.

Access each webinar session free of charge by expanding the sections listed at the bottom of this page.

How to access the recorded session

This 3-part webinar series, presented by TransCen’s Dale Verstegen provides methodologies, strategies, and tools for employment consultants to manage the employer engagement process to achieve stronger employer relationships and to demonstrate how their services can have an economic impact on an employer’s bottom line. This workshop is intended to promote communication and coordination among employment consultants who work with local employers to offer consistent, quality employment services. The information in this webinar series is based on the U.S. Dept. of Labor Office on Disability and Employment Policy’s (ODEP) Employer Economic Impact Study. This national study provided employers’ perspectives on the benefits and economic impact of employment services including customized employment when hiring job candidates with disabilities.

This webinar series is FREE OF CHARGE! However, TransCen is offering Continuing Education Credits and a Certificate of Completion to those who are interested in receiving credit. Please see below for more information.

Register to receive Continuing Education Credits or a Certificate of Completion
  • This series is approved for up to 4.5 clock hours by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC).
  • The series subject matter aligns with the Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP) Content Outline.
Cost for CEUs and Certificate of Completion
  • 4.5 hours of Commission for Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) and a Certificate of Completion are available for $135 for all three sessions.

If you do not want CEUs or a Certificate of Participation, the webinar is free of charge!

How to obtain CEUs or a Certificate of Completion

  1. Please visit the Employer Engagement webinar page on TransCen’s learning management system and add the course to your cart.
  2. Once you complete registration and payment, you will have access to the quizzes to obtain CEUs and Certificate of Completion.

If you have any questions  about this webinar series, contact us at elearning@transcen.org.

Recorded Sessions

Part 1: How Employment Programs Economically Benefit Employers

This webinar shares employer’s perspective as to how employment programs, that support job seekers with a disability, economically benefit their business.  These employers also describe how customized employment has had a direct economic impact on their overall operation.  Specific, measurable benefits that other Employment Specialists can use to describe their services will be presented.

The following webinar objectives will be covered:

  1. Defining Economic Impact and Benefits to Employers
  2. Employer Economic Impact and Benefits of Employment Programs that support employees with a disability
  3. Employer Economic Impact and Benefits of Customized Employment Programs

Presentation Handouts

Part 2: Approaching Employers and Developing Long Term Partnerships

This webinar will provide the employer’s perspective on how Employment Programs can most effectively develop rapport that can lead to long term partnerships.  These employers recommended specific strategies for developing an on-going relationship including the cultivation of an ‘internal champion’.  Employment Specialists can use this information to address employer concerns and cultivate long term partnerships with employers in their community.

The following webinar objectives will be covered:

  1. Approaching Employers Confidently
  2. Conducting Informational Interviews and Determining Labor Needs
  3. Building Rapport with Employers
  4. Importance of Mitigating the Employer’s Perception of Risk

Presentation Handouts

Part 3: Assessing the Economic Impact and Benefit of Your Employment Programs

This webinar will provide tools and strategies to assess the economic impact that an employment program has on its employer customer base.  The information gathered from employers can be used to strengthen the relationship and foster new employer customers.  Employment Specialists will be given the tools to replicate this national study with employers in their community and better define the value of their employment services.

The following webinar objectives will be covered:

  1. Targeting Employers for Feedback and Long Term Partnerships
  2. Assessing the Benefits and Economic Impact of your Employment Program
  3. Effectively Communicating and Marketing the Benefits of your Employment Program

Presentation Handouts

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